Nomadic Boys

Stef and Seb at Beijing's Summer Palace

Nomadic Boys are travel bloggers Stefan and Sebastien and this is our travel blog documenting our travel stories and food discoveries we’ve encountered since we left London in June 2014.

Fighting during cooking class in Nepal

We love cooking and of course eating, so combined with travelling, we’ve discovered a new way to interact with people despite the many language barriers:

Overcoming language barriers with food

Sebastien Chaneac

Sebastien is from France and grew up in Lyon. He moved to London where he became an IT geek and also met Stefan. He quit his job to eat his way around Asia with Stefan starting with the Trans Siberian railway.

Sebastien French pose

Stefan Arestis

Stefan is an ex-lawyer of Greek origin, born and grew up in London.  He also quit his job and left London in June 2014 to travel the world indefinitely with Sebastien and a bright red 65 litres backpack.

Stefan sun photo, Okinawa, Japan

Check out our itinerary to see where we are and where we’re headed to next. Follow us as we eat our way around the world and also learn more about the different gay scenes (or lack of) we encounter.

Bon voyage!!

The Nomadic Boys on their journey


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